Tuesday, June 10, 2014

School in our slippers.

Becks is fully aware of our intent to homeschool in the fall.  I'm not sure either of us know what is in store, but that's kind of the beauty of it.  Living life with abandon; going for it.  The proverbial Nike slogan: Just do it.

He recently asked me, "So, mom, can I, like, where socks to school?"

Dude, I will likely be in some sort of stretchy pant attire, topped off with a Old Navy extra long tank with a baby on my hip and a cup of coffee in my hand.  So, yes, socks, gorilla slippers, bare feet.  All completely acceptable.  Come as you are.

His question, though, spurred many other thoughts for me about what school will look like in our home.  What curricula will we follow?  Will we join a co-op?  Will school start promptly at 8:26am each day?  Will we start the same date as the public schools in our county?  How will we incorporate the arts?  How will we intentionally invite Jesus into our school?  

I've really only just begun to sort through the whats and the hows and the wills, reflecting upon them only briefly.  It is summer after all.  

Here are my thoughts at the present time, on June 10th at 7:37am, to questions asked above and a few others...

Will we follow a particular homeschool curriculum?

No.  For me, this is part of the beauty of homeschool - freedom of choice.  Instead, we will likely follow along a timeline with a scope and sequence similar to what public schools offer to first graders.  However, there will be a whole awful lot of wiggle room, with the expectation that we will tailor our studies to personal interests, thematic explorations, and life lessons.  We will hit all major content areas, with a strong emphasis on creativity and independent thinking.  Likely, I will be using lots of my own resources (and lots of yours!) to accomplish this.  

Will you align your instruction to the Common Core?

I'm sure a lot of what we will do will align with the Common Core, but I will not intentionally seek out the standards to guide our time together.  That's not to say I won't glance at them occasionally, but they will not be our driving force.

Will you join a co-op?

I hear lots of good things about them, but haven't taken the time to explore them more.

Will you start when public schools start?  Take time off when public schools have time off?  Etc.?

We will definitely start school around 8am, and will likely operate on the public school schedule for days off, breaks, and such.  

How will you incorporate the arts?

Ooooooh, I'm really excited about this.  I LOVE THE ARTS.  Not just art projects (I do really love those), but music, dance, theater, etc.  We're fortunate to live extremely close to Cincinnati, where there are museums, theaters, architecture and the like, all about the city.  I really want to get a better appreciation for all the city has to offer and expose Becks and Faith to the local artistic delicacies.  

How will you intentionally invite Jesus into your classroom?

Good question.  This is probably one, if not the, most beneficial aspect of homeschooling for our family.  The Principal (Brandon) and I know that we want Jesus - not religion - to be our guiding force.  We want to love Him and love others like Him.  We value character education, Biblical principals, and raising our children up in Him.  So, honestly, it is to be determined how exactly we will facilitate Bible study and scripture memorization...but we know that we really want to act on behalf of Him in our daily lives inside and outside our home.  

Will you do laundry during school hours?

Ha.  Of course not.  If I were in the public school, I wouldn't be doing laundry ;)

Happy Tuesday!

{PS.  Do you homeschool?  Do you have other questions?  Suggestions?  Think I've gone crazy-out-of-my-mind?  Let me know in the comments!}


Stacia Seagroves said...

Best of luck to your family! You will absolutely love homeschooling; it is such a fun and rewarding experience! I homeschooled my oldest for three years and would have continued if family obligations hadn't changed. We mostly used Sonlight, which is a Christian, literature-based curriculum, with a mix of other materials. I would highly recommend their list of reading especially (www.sonlight.com). Definitely look into local homeschooling groups and don't worry about making it like school. Have fun!

Allison said...

I am excited to follow you as you embark on this adventure! I homeschooled my Kindergartner this past year and plan to continue with 1st (with a 3 year old and 9 month old tagging along). Our Kinder year has been a wonderful experience for our family and we fully embrace the opportunities that homeschooling will provide in the future.=0)It will bless your life in so many ways!

Jodi said...

I think it sounds absolutely perfect! I'm sure you will tweak things throughout the year and do what works best for you :)

Bridget S said...

I think you are going to have an amazing experience this school year :) I'm so happy for you!

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Emily said...

Thanks for sharing about your new venture! What made you decide to home school? Would you consider going back to public school?

Sandy said...

I am so excited for you. Enjoy your time with Becks. I just retired from 31 years in public school. I can truthfully say I loved teaching, but I would have loved to do what you are about to do. Enjoy every minute of it and follow your heart about how to handle each day. Having been a public school teacher you will know how much to stay focused on what he needs to be successful there, but you will get to do so much that our leaders have forgotten that is important. Bring back all that good stuff that is important to a well rounded education.
Can't wait to follow. This will be one school related blog that I will continue to monitor:)

Carrie Jones said...

Hi Abby, I am excited for you! I homeschooled our daughter in Kindergarten. I loved it and enjoyed knowing "what to do" as a trained teacher. So, I agree with Sandy. You will be great at it!

And...how wonderful to be right by Faith's side to be able to tend to her as she will need you. I'm so happy for you and how God has taken you down unexpected paths and has met you there fully in everything. (I am getting teary-eyed right now!)

Thank you for sharing your story on your blog. You are most certainly an encouragement to me and, I'm sure, to many!

Have a fun summer together!
i Heart Second

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Maria Eshman said...

Good luck on all your adventures!! Sounds like you have a great grasp on what's going to happen this school year. Cincy is super fun! I'm looking forward to hearing about all your suggestions. My girls and I are always looking forward to fun things to do. :) Also.... Ann Voskamp has great scripture cards for memorization. This year she is focusing on the book of John. My girls and I have been working on it as well. :)


Susan Cahalane said...

Wow what a great experience this will be for your family! You will be able to give your son so much more than he would get in a public school classroom. My own children go to public school and I "home-schooled" them in science. It's their favorite subject & unfortunately their classroom teachers were just never able to do any experiments or activities with them. So we just do them ourselves here at home! I love reading your blog, you are an inspirational teacher!! Best of luck with this new adventure!
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Nicolette said...

This past fall, before I listened to Him and followed my heart about homeschooling, I spent some time observing in Montessori classrooms.

It be an understatement to say it changed my life. :) After teaching in public, private, charter, etc...that environment is something you may want to experiment with Becks. :) The materials alone are so unlike anything we had in our schools here in Chicago.

Just food for thought. I'm using standards and scope and sequence as guides, not rigid templates for my son. His skill set is all over the map, so adhering to a set curriculum isn't a perfect match.

I'm sure we both will just need to "follow the child"...


Jenny Looney said...

Is it strange that your answer to, "How will you intentionally invite Jesus into your classroom?" made me tear up? I'm such a sap. While I don't home school, or have children to home school, that's a question that all teachers could ask themselves. I mean, I can't really bring scripture into my classroom, but I can help my students focus on the fruit of the Holy Spirt (without actually referring to them as such).
It definitely made me think!

Jenny Looney
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TheElementary MathManiac said...

It will be so great to spend so much time with your kids!

The Math Maniac

Barbara said...

I know this seems a little weird but I saw this today and thought of you...setting up your Homeschool room. It is so lovely and just what I think you believe. You are so crafty I bet you could make a set for the room.
Hope this didn't creep you out..I know I don't know you personally but wanted to share anyway! Copy and paste it and you will see what I mean. bharmor@hotmail.com


Staci said...

My SIL homeschools her kiddos in Cincinnati! She takes the kids to a homeschool class once a month at the Cincy Children's Museum. I went with her with my kids when we were on a break, and it was really great! I highly recommend it!

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