Thursday, May 8, 2014

I {heart} C. Jayne Teach!

So, I have this friend.  From Nash Vegas.  Her name is Chandra.  And, she just so happens to be the creative genius behind C. Jayne Teach - an online teaching supply boutique full of class, color, organization, and Common Core goodness.  I mean, look at this.  Teaching eye candy.  

Chandra asked if I'd be interested in reviewing some of her new line.

'scuse me.  Is that even a question?!

Ummmm, hello, YES.

I was a little hasty in opening my package, so I failed to snap a picture of the detail that goes into putting a purchase together, but trust me when I say that she goes the extra mile to make sure you let out a happy little sigh when you open the box.

Inside I found a coffee mug.  WITH MY NAME ON IT.  

And, it coordinates with this darling little morning work tray!  

Then, as if a personalized mug wasn't enough, there was more!  

Not only are they cute, colorful, and customized, but these are quality items created to hold up throughout the school year or being tossed into your fav teaching bag over and over again.  

These also match this precious dry erase handwriting mat.  Becks is going to LOVE it!

Chandra also included my absolute favorite list making tool ever.  I think this particular style is discontinued, but I promise you'll love the new styles, too!  Seriously, I loved it so much I bought my principals each one for Christmas because they commented on how awesome it was!

And, lastly - but certainly not least - the 2014-2015 TEACHER ANCHOR!  

Do you know how much organizational goodness is inside this now spiral-bound planner of awesomeness?  A LOT.  And, it will slide right into my current binder!  Here's a sneak peak...



Let me tell you why you will LOVE this product:


No, seriously, Chandra was very intentional in making this your one go-to for the entire school year.  No detail has been overlooked.  There are spaces dedicated to Parent Contact Information, Communication Logs, Birthday Reminders, Blogs/Websites you want to remember, Account Log-ons (for the ridiculous amount of usernames and passwords you have to remember), Classroom Volunteer Schedule, Calendars, Yearly Planners, Daily Planners, Sub Notes, a Gradebook, and the Common Core Standards!  I, quite literally, cannot say enough good things about it.  

Aaaaaaaand, I really didn't get the opportunity to put it to good use last year because A) my former job was a lot of administrative duties and data-driven and B) I wasn't a classroom teacher.  

But, I have tentatively accepted a position that will most certainly put the Teacher Anchor to use, and I'm as excited as Skunk from The Easter Bunny's Assistant.  SO. EXCITED!!!!  {I will share more about it when the time is right!}  

Rumor has it, C. Jayne's new line is just ONE DAY from being released on her site!  Go visit C. Jayne Teach on May 9th to check out all these fantastic goodies and more! 

Thanks, Chandra!  Love you! Love your shop!  

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.* 


Courtney B said...

Oooh! I love what you got. Chandra is awesome. She sent me some goodies too. I'm in love with the bright colored folder and library tags. Can't wait to get the Teacher Anchor.

Chandra Verbic said...

Thank you so much for being such a sweet and wonderful friend. It was my pleasure to fill your day with some happy things! xo -C

Katie said...

Ahhh I love it all!!! Thanks so much for sharing, she has such talent! :)

traci527 said...

Love the Easter bunny assistant reference! That is one of my favorites!

Breanne Simons said...

All of these things look amazing! Can't wait to hear about your new position...! :)


Angela Hevron said...

That is TOTALLY going on my list of must-haves when I come back to the states!
Southern Fried Teachin’

Resource Angel said...

What great products to help teachers!

Resource Angel said...

What great products!

Lana said...

Wow! I LOVE it all!

Samantha Maldonado said...

I have coveted that anchor book since last year! Hoping the position I'm shooting for is available next year at our school, if so I am so stocking up on Chandra's boutique!

jasmine nile said...

thanks ,,,,,,,,,,

jasmine nile said...

thanks ,,,,,,,,,,

Bevin Reinen said...

Ooh, I love pretty, organized things. :-) Just came across your blog and love what you do! Looking forward to following you. I added you to my 'Links I Love' page on my early ed. blog.