Thursday, September 5, 2013

Title I + Nesting = CrazyAbby :)

This just in: Babbling Abby back from her blogging hiatus.  

Or, I was just looking for an excuse to be alliterative and to explain that I took the rest of August off from blogging and TpTing to be a mom and wife.  The summer was kinda crazy.  

Anyway, school and life are in FULL effect.  And the chaos is exacerbated by the fact that we are expecting a new baby in...oh..8 weeks and 1.5 days.  Not that I'm counting.  {I am.}

Both are consuming my life.  I'm in the process of planning a Fall Literacy Night and our Annual Title I Meeting before I go on maternity leave.  The baby is due on November 2nd, so I'm trying to have everything wrapped up by the end of September should the expectant mother go into labor early.  #overplanner

As I've mentioned before, my job as a Title I teacher is drastically different from that of a classroom teacher.  The whole first month of my school year is dedicated to data collection and analysis, organizing RTI schedules, and testing.  We are currently MAP testing and DIBELS testing.  Along with our RTA teachers, I am directly responsible for issuing the DIBELS assessment to all kindergarten students and those students who score below the 50%ile on MAP.  Fulfilling the requirements of the Title I program and DIBELing will take up the majority of my September!  Hopefully, I'll get to spend the October in classrooms working with students.  I *really* *really* *REALLY* miss the classroom and would *really* *really* *REALLY* like to go back to kindergarten in the near future.  I miss having my own kiddos so very much!!!!!

I had some questions about our Reading Intervention program, so I plan to do a post describing it in as much detail as I can.  It is a district-specific scripted program designed so that para-educators can deliver instruction in a small group setting.  I do not pull these groups, but moderate the para-educators who do.  We only do this specific intervention in 1st and 2nd grade. 

So, now I have a question for you...

What can I post about to help you be a better teacher?

I hardly know everything there is to know about education, but I do get a lot of emails and questions about teaching and I would love to post about them as I have time.  With that said, I make no promises!  Life always proves to be unpredictable, so I can't guarantee I'll post in a timely fashion.  Anyway, just leave me a comment with your question!

Now, back to crazy nesting-ness.  I'm painting a chalkboard wall at this very moment.  Seriously, poor B!  This is the the umpteenth painting project in the past two weeks!

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Lee Ann Rasey said...

A baby.. how exciting! I am a Title I teacher working just with kindergartners, and I completely get what you are saying. It is so crazy-busy with all the beginnings. We are schoolwide this year and we (title I teachers) really don't know how to service since all students are considered Title I students. With the new Ohio teacher evaluation, we have to also do SLO assessments and since we are now schoolwide, I need to give a phonological test to all Kdg students that takes about 10 min per student. I have a question for you... do you pull-out your Title I small groups or work in the room? Thank you. Good luck with everything!

Marcy said...

So super excited for you Abby!!!

Marcy said...

So very excited for you Abby!!

Amy Johnston said...

Getting excited to see your sweet baby boy! I would love to hear more about how your system coordinates intervention (when you have time! ;)). We are trying to figure out ways to use our instructional assistants more effectively. Beautiful picture, by the way!

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Lori said...

How did I not realize that you were a Title 1 teacher? What you describe is so similar to my job- assessing students at the beginning of the year, assigning students to RtI (I am the RtI coordinator at my school), creating the RtI schedule and who teaches what to which groups, etc... And lets not forget teaching! Good luck to you and getting everything accomplished before your precious little one comes!
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Kathryn19 said...

Fellow Title I teacher here...would love to hear about your Fall Literacy Night and what kind of "activities" you will have!

Kathryn19 said...
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Jamie knefely said...

The baby's room looks like it is coming along. I bet it will be so cute when it is finished. Thanks for sharing.


Jess said...

The nursery looks great! I can't believe how busy you wonder you took a break! How do you keep it all together?!
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Natalie said...

We've been DIBELing the last 2 weeks as well. Except we don't get help...every classroom teacher is expected to DIBEL their own students. Oh, and our school got rid of can imagine my stress and anxiety! Finished my last student today....score!!!

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Michelle said...

My question is about behavior management. It was always a strength of mine until I started working at a school in a very affluent neighborhood where parents do NOT want to see their children ever face consequences. I've tried using a clip chart 3 years in a row, and every year I've had push back from parents when their children are not at the top every day. Any advice?

Heather Byers said...

I painted a chalkboard wall in my son's room aka the toy room:) It turned out nice and the kids love it.

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Lauren said...

How about classroom management suggestions? What are/were your favorite catchy phrases, attention getters, and what not?

OR - Time management skills - What's your best suggestion for finding time to get things finished - particularly building literacy centers and math centers. Between planning and teaching and making the things, when do you find time to actually assemble everything?! :)

Just some ideas....

Lauren said...
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Andrea Crawford said...

I am a Title I reading specialist and have had little guidance on what to do in my position. I have had to rebuild our current program under a new principal. I would love to know more about what you do during this time of the year. Our school has a new program, and I am hoping to let some of our aides work with it too.

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Lauren said...

I would LOVE to see how you did centers in your kindergarten classroom. It is the thing that makes me shutter... I hate them.

BTW: I have a student in my classroom who looks just like your BECKS! I'll have to send you a picture!

Jenni Taylor said...

I was wondering where you were ... i love reading your posts - I'm excited to read about the changes coming your way. Good luck with all that is on your plate and keep those pictures coming. :)

Katie Knight said...


Rachel said...

Congrats on the new addition! My twins were due Nov 14 last year and came October 14 and I left school in September so you're smart to wrap everything up! I'm now staying home and miss my kids and the classroom so I love reading your blog and "keeping up" with current practices. Looking forward to more posts and baby watch :)

Wendy said...

I would love to here is all the DIBELS info and/or DRA info...what skills come before others in terms of instruction.

For example,

in K, I would see Letter Naming and being able to distinguish between the letter types ( tall, short, round, open, closed) as a first set of skills as well as knowing the letters in your name.

As well as starting with rhyming... so when do you head over to phoneme blending and segmenting and nonsense words ?

Also, info on looking at grade 1--is it the same process as Kinder ?

Wendy said...

I would love to know the scope and sequence of instruction for the following DIBELS Skills in K and 1:

Letter Naming Fluency
Phoneme Segmentation
Nonsense Words

Thanks !


Lori Karcz said...

I love your blog, so many great ideas! I just left the classroom after teaching first grade for 8 years. I am in my second year as an Early Intervention Specialist. I work with kindergartners who are struggling with literacy. I, too, left the classroom as this position is a better fit for my busy life! I also miss having my own kiddos and am anxious to get back to the classroom. However, for now, I am loving my kinders and helping them become successful learners! Best wishes on your new addition :)

Lori Karcz said...

I love your blog, so many great ideas! I left the classroom after teaching first grade for 8 years. My new position is an Early Intervention specialist. I work with kindergartners who are struggling with literacy. I took this position as it is a better fit for my busy life but am missing having a classroom of my own kiddos and hope to go back in a couple years. For now, I am loving helping my kinders become successful learners- and enjoying their sweet personalities :) Thank you for sharing all of your stories and ideas.

Wendy said...

I would love to hear your scope and sequence for phonemic awareness. As well as, a good starting place for 3-5 ? Main idea and details ?

Miss Cosby said...

I go crazy DIBELing my classroom of kiddos. I can't imagine being responsible for all DIBELS. AHHHH

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Maryann said...

Thanks for a wonderful blog! i continue to follow you! You are incredible and have always had great ideas to share! I would love to see the complete Fall Literacy Program that you are doing. Is this just for Title 1 parents or open to all students? Maybe sell it on TPT?! What materials do you use for your interventions for K students have not benchmarked?
Many thanks and take care of yourself!

Kimberley said...

I know just how you feel. Really and truly. I did your job for two years and just got back to teaching First Grade this year. I'd LOVE to do Kinders some day too.

Looking forward to your baby's birth as well. You so deserve this little one.

You might not be able to do this, but it would really help me to see how you plan your year when you are in the classroom.

First in Maine

Megan Horman said...

Congratulations on your new addition! I would love to hear more about your testing and how your RtI works. We are just beginning to start it this year and we have some teachers that are pretty reluctant about it. I am the title teacher in my building and am excited about this process so any insight would be great! Thanks.

luckeyfrog said...

I'm a reading specialist this year and really miss having my own classroom too. I'm so glad someone else gets it! Other teachers assume I'm happy to be working half-time, or not taking home grading, but it's hard not to have "my" own class of kids.

We just started using MAP testing this year, and I'm curious how your RTI decisions are made and how often you change groups. Thanks! :)

P.S.-- Enjoy your new little one!

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