Saturday, April 20, 2013

Five for Friday...

...on a Saturday.  Again :)

Number One: Since this girl like donuts so much, I decided to order Insanity this week.  I love my classes at the gym, but I need something I can do at home in addition to those.  Plus, let's be honest, I need a little toning.  Anyone completed the full 60 days before?  What were your results?

Speaking of donuts, the winner of my giveaway is...Melissa (m_bangle).  Check your email and go shopping!

Number Two:  I love me some spring tulips.  A friend brought these as a housewarming gift and I cannot bring myself to plant them outside.  They look so pretty on my kitchen table!

Number Three:  I cannot wait for summer vacation.  Northern Michigan is calling my name.  Cherry lemonade, cocktail hour, boutique shopping, lazy beach days, and all my family.  

Number Four:  'Tis the season!  Our calendar is filling up!  Love celebrating with all of our friends <3

Number Five:  Truth.

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Happy Saturday!!!!!!


Kris Hankins said...

A group of my colleagues and I are doing Insanity everyday after school. We are 2 weeks in and absolutely love it! We have never sweat so much!!!

CarolP said...

Hi Abby, I tried to email you thru the link on your website, but it didn't work. My name is Carol Polston. I am a first grade teacher in Kernville, CA. I've followed your blog for quite a while & have bought many of your wonderful products (love them!). I am the Curriculum & Instruction lead for the first grade in our district & we are going to be redoing our benchmark tests this summer. I was wondering what your district uses. We have been using the Houghton Mifflin quarterly tests & midyear, etc. We would like to make a change. If you have time would it be possible for you to let me know & also if you're happy with it (if it's possible to scan & email a copy that would be great too). We've looked at Study Island, but they don't go down to first grade. Thanks so much, Carol
PS- I've enjoyed reading about your job, family & love of donuts :-)

Brandee Green said...

Love the shirt!!!!! ;)
Creating Lifelong Learners

Kari said...

I love spring tulips too!! They are my favorite flower. I am so excited for mine to come up soon.
I was really hoping to win your donut giveaway shopping spree. All of your products are wonderful. I'll have to keep saving so I can purchase the ones on my wishlist.
Kari :)

Michelle Griffo said...

That shirt is amazing!!!!

Susan Moran said...


My fiance and I are finishing up our first round of Insanity and we love it and hate it at the same time.

Have fun with friends and family at all your events coming up!

T.G.I.F. (Thank God it's First Grade!)

Erin said...

Love that t-shirt! There's just something about fresh flowers in the house. I love hyacinths, they are so fragrant!

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Melissa Machan said...

Oh I definitely need to do Insanity or something like it! Maybe you can post an update or two - just so I know I won't die if I do it =)

Bummed I missed out on your giveaway because I too LOVE donuts (hence why I also need to work out).

Have a great weekend!
First Grade Smiles

Mary said... I go to Cherry Republic every year too! You are making my mouth water. I live in Boston but all of my family gathers in Northern Michigan every summer. Isn't it just the most amazing place on earth?

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Melissa said...

I can't believe I WON the Donut giveaway!! Thanks for the DOZEN!!

Deana said...

Ahh, I LOVE that T-shirt!!

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Sara Soucy said...

I've heard that Insanity was intense (hence the name lol) but I'd love to try it sometime!

Sara :)
Smiling In Second Grade

Ashley said...

LOVE that t-shirt! Now, if only I could find a real man... :)

Rachel Lamb said...

My husband and I did Insanity and it was awesome. We decided after 30 days to treat ourselves to a trip to Chicago, and we ate like nobody's business! I haven't done it since...haha!

Sarah Jacobson said...

I love tulips too!! I'm still waiting for mine to bloom :)

I did insanity last summer. The first day I couldn't walk LOL but I stuck with it! I loved the workouts but by the end I felt too muscular haha. I still do them between my other workouts but not everyday :)

Good luck!!
A Sunny Day in First Grade

A. Monroe said...

Your 20 and 25 Day Check-Ups are on my Five for Friday this week. I am prepping for the SAT 10 and I think these packets will be awesome for review.
Thanks so much.

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Carrie said...

We travel to northern michigan for summer vaca too! Heading up for two weeks this summer and next summer we will be getting married there!


Mrs. Cockrell said...

Our Insanity dvds just arrived! We are doing the test tonight and starting tomorrow. Prayers are appreciated. LOL.

Teach On.

Nicole Swisher said...

Hi!! I've done 47 days of it and had to stop due to a teaching trip to China!! :) I still do Insanity a lot as cross training work mixed in with my running! I will tell you that I truly believe I have improved my times so much in races due to INSANITY! My hip flexers don't hurt anymore when I run, and I have improved my times greatly! After I did the 47 days, I noticed toning in places that I didn't think would be affected like around my knees! hah It's funny, but you just get an overall toning. I noticed a lot more toning in my arms with all the pushup activities which was nice. I just feel good after INSANITY! The interval training is key, and for someone who doesn't like using weights at the gym (Me:), using your body as resistance for arm work is perfect! Anyway, I can go on and on about INSANTIY!! I love it! I hope you enjoy it as well!! If you have any questions about it, feel free to ask away!! You'll love it! OH, and remember that you may have to stop sometimes because of the difficulty, but that's ok!! As you go on, you will be able to do more of it, if not all! I think sometimes people get discouraged right away because it jumps right in! You just have to give yourself some time to get adjusted!! :)


Kristin Young said...

I love you for doing this on a Saturday. :) I did Insanity but not in 60 days - that was just too much for me since I was waking up early and doing it BEFORE school. I spread it out and only did the workouts on M/W/F but still got great results. It is probably the hardest workout I've ever done so give yourself some slack if you can't keep up at the beginning. I had to take a LOT of breaks at the beginning!!! Good luck! :)

Jessica said...

Love Cherry Republic!! That is my hometown!! Can't wait for it to be summer. Also that is an amazing shirt.

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Cathy said...

I did Insanity for a little while and got pretty good results from it. I've since switched to Les Mills Combat, which is more my style of workout.