Monday, December 31, 2012

Getting’ My Fitness on in 2013…

Alternatively titled:  How I Plan to NOT Devour an Entire Can of Pringles in One Sitting

I like to work out -  but only if I’m completely engaged and it doesn’t feel like I’m working out.  That’s why I can only run {consistently} for a few weeks at a time before I’m like, Why am I doing this?  Running is SO BORING.  But, I don’t always feel like that.  Like today, for instance, I cranked out four miles like it was no big deal.  Fortunately, my dad is a runner, so it’s {oddly} in my blood.  I’m one of those weird people who can not run for months and pull out a three-miler without so much as a wheeze.  It’s strange.

We joined a gym in March and I also became OBSESSED with a dance/aerobics class call Jamz, set to popular hip hop music.  I LOVE IT, but it took me a good two months to pick up on the choreography for each song. 

Let’s talk about the first time I took the class…

I stood in the waaaaaay far back, right corner and chose NOT to raise my hand when the instructor asked if there were any newbies.  I mean, I was a CHEERLEADER so this should be cake, right?!  WRONG. SO SO SO SO WRONG.  {Please note, I use the term “cheerleader” with a  lot of sarcasm. No disrespect to the sport whatsoever, but I am almost six feet tall and my coordination rivals that of a toddler learning to walk.  In rollerskates.}

When the class went right, I went left.  Left into the wall of exercise balls.  When the class mamboed, I cha cha-ed.  Sister’s moves were lacking.  It also didn’t help that this particular instructor had about a dozen or so groupies who love him and his class and are the smartiest smarty pants of the whole class, making everyone else looks like toddlers in rollerskates.  Particularly me.  But, I persisted and now fit right in.  I stand in the second row, with an excellent shot of the mirror so I can watch just how awkward I will forever look despite how many classes I attend. 

So, what was the point of all of that?  Oh, yeah: fitness resolutions!

Since this body isn’t bearing children any time soon, I think I’d like to get in the best shape of my life.  That’s not lofty or anything.  But, why not?  There’s no better time than now!

I actually think I need to eat better, first off.  I do love me some Pringles. Truth: once I pop, I can’t stop.  I also like chocolate.  And wine. 

I’d like to do another race.  I did the Color Run 5k, but that was definitely a fun run versus speed or endurance!  Maybe a half-marathon.  I don’t know.  That really sounds crazy, but it would be fun!

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Anyway, Happy New Year!  Go link up with Deedee and enter for a chance to win a fun prize!  Come back tomorrow (like, say, midnight?) for a little New Years happy :)


Sara Soucy said...

I get the little snack packs of Pringles. Only has 1 serving so it is much easier to stop when the container is empty! Highly recommend it.

Sara :)
Smiling In Second Grade

Leanne said...

You had me laughing out loud when you were describing your first experience at Jamz! I can SO relate! I'm 5'10" and athletic, but have NEVER been naturally coordinated. I love taking Zumba at my gym, but it takes me extra long to learn all the moves! Happy New Year :)

Mrs. Prince & Co.

Karlie said...

LOL!! I love this post! I am a hardcore snacker that loves my sweet and salty foods! I am contemplating making myself a little BoardMaker chart with 4-5 fruit/veggie pics and velcroing them, so I can't eat my sweet treats until all of my fruit/veggie servings have moved over to the eaten side for the day. A visual reminder on my fridge. Maybe it will help?

I'm also uncoordinated. I've been doing zumba, and I totally got called out last week cause I don't clap or yell zumba when everyone else does. It makes me super nervous (cause I have no rhythm, so I'm always off beat). But I'm using on of Hal Higdon's training programs to prepare for a half marathon this summer:) I'm super jealous of your running stamina. It takes a lot of work for me to feel like I'm running easy peasy:)

We are ALL Special!

Jessica said...

I totally suck at the running thing, too. And the chocolate and wine . . . oh my. My kinda of food. Of course, the other food I eat is generally good. Here's to a new year of health and exercise!

What i have learned

Jess said...

I feel super awkward in dance classes and I actually danced and cheered up until high school. I think it is the classes I'm taking like hip hop...I don't have any swag. But they are still fun and I laugh at myself so all is good. I am running in the Color Run 5K next weekend! I signed up knowing it would be more of a fun run than anything. I have been loving hot yoga for working out you should try it. It actually helps with coordination!
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