Monday, October 15, 2012

Kindergarten RTI: Letter-Sound Correspondence


A few weeks ago, I introduced you to an RTI pack that I made to help my sweet ELL babies master letter recognition.  I love having this go-to resource and not having to scramble over what I will do with them during small group time.   In addition to my binder full of activities for letter-recognition, I also tote around this plastic crate with me when I visit my kinder-kiddos:


I plan to make a separate post about what all I carry around in this bad boy, but I’m going to be adding an additional binder to it this week:  Letter-Sound Correspondence


As we work through the alphabet and master recognizing our letters, it’s also important for students to make the connection between letters and their sounds.  Here’s how I’ll be using my new pack o’ fun…

Each letter-sound session will start off with echo reading the focus letter, the sound and the picture. For example, “A /a/ apple. /a/ /a/ a/. A /a/ alligator. /a/ /a/ /a/. A /a/ astronaut. /a//a//a/.” I also have some motions that go with each letter to help my kinesthetic learners, and we’ll sort our Aa objects onto our mat.


Then, onto a little sound warm-up fluency.  Students will point to the letters and say the sounds.


Next, the students will help me generate words that begin with the /a/ sound.  You can add to the list each day, or make a completely new list each day. 


The pack includes several other activities including…

Picture Cards


Sound Discrimination Practice


Student Self-Assessment


Cumulative Teacher-Led Assessment


The pack includes detailed descriptions of the activities, a sample lesson plan, and suggestions for organizing your small group.  If you’d like to snag a copy, click the picture below!


Oh yeah, the first person to correctly tell me why Iron Man is hanging out with the other letter A objects in the 3rd picture will win a free copy of this pack.  Be sure to leave your guess and an email address so I can send it to you!!!!

Have a great day!!!!


Anonymous said...

Iron Man is hanging out because he is part of the Avengers, which starts with a letter A. Love all of your products! Thanks!


Amanda said...

Because he is an action figure??

Amanda said...

Because he is an action figure??

Anonymous said...

Because he is an avenger! LOVE your blog..get so many great ideas..and lovin' the addition of Chic Teacher Tuesday. So fun!

Liz said...

Either action figure or avengers!! Love these so much. About the beg my hubby to spare $20 so I can get both of these packs!

Abby said...

I didn't even THINK of action figure! But, yes, AVENGER is the answer I was looking for! What the heck, anyone who's posted above this comment will get the pack :) Amanda and Liz, you forgot your email addresses!!!

Reagan Tunstall said...

Because he is an avenger...and Becks put him there. :)
Cute unit Abby! Looks like those kinders will be MILES ahead! Enjoy your Fall Break. I am so jealous as I wolf down my lean cuisine, chug my diet snapple and rush off to get my class.

Miss Nelson said...

Either action figure or avengers!!

Amanda said...

Sorry. forgot my email. thanks a bunch!

kimbersk said...

Is it because he is an action hero?


Jenna and Justine said...

Oh man! I posted on your FB post... BUMMER!

Jenna and Justine said...

Oh man! I posted on your FB post... BUMMER!

Anonymous said...

He is an Avenger. :)

Amy Howbert said...

Nice packet, all complete & ready to roll! I love complete units, where they totally eliminate scrambling! Thanks!
Amy Howbert

Little Miss Organized

Gladys said... bummed I'm a little too late..but your packets look awesome! Have a great fall break!


Ms.M said...

Abby I keep spending all my pocket cash on your packets. LOL Thanks for creating these. God know I don't have enough of a brain left at the end of the day to think of these simple and effective ideas. :)

Ms.M's Blog
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Miss Lisa said...

Shucks, I replied "Avengers" on facebook and thought I beat everyone else to it…great blog, though, Love your ideas.

Anonymous said...

Love your ideas Abby, I was actually thinking the answer should be ABS = Lord knows I need to work on mine!
Kim Clark

Angela said...

Ahhhh.....I can't wait to get my hands on it! I love the letter recognition pack!!

The Daily Alphabet

Jennifer said...

Iron Man goes with A for Avengers! I love your packets! They are really helping my kids!


Jennifer said...

Iron Man goes with A for Avengers! I love your packets! They are really helping my kids!


Lee Ann said...

I love this! I work with kinder Title I, and this looks so good. I use the Wilson program as intervention, and it has a rhyme for each letter. This year the kiddos are struggling with just recognizing the 4 letters that they've learned in their class so far that I haven't even reviewed the sight words. When do you see your groups and for how long a day?

Beth Byers said...

Because he has great ABS!!!!

Miss Cosby said...

I think Avengers is a good answer....but the correct answer is AWESOME, lol. Iron Man is Awesome.

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Renee S said...

He is an action figure!!!?



Anonymous said...

What happen to the chic teacher tuesday posts? I love the mix of personal and work.

Camille said...

a is for armor
An Open Door

kindertexas said...

Isn't it also because "Tony" is short for Anthony? Anthony Stark??

Anonymous said...

Are you going to make an RTI packet for first grade as well?

Lisa K. said...

Iron Man is one of my son's favorite Avengers! Great products. Thanks!

Lisa K.

Carmela B said...

A is for Avengers and Awesomeness!! I teach second grade and have kiddos that still need help with this. I'm bummed I missed out:( Thanks for sharing

Diary of a Teachaholic

Kelly said...

I bought the first packet and have been using it with my intervention it Now I need to get my paws on this one:) My kids also loved reading about Bog the Reading Monster and doing some of the activities from your Reading Packet on TpT. Thanks for your great quality products!

Kindergarten Kel

Anonymous said...

This packet is AWESOME!! I teach kindergarten and am going to purchase this to begin using it ASAP!
Thanks for creating and sharing!
Stephanie :)

Sparkle & Shine said...

he's hanging out because he got strong from knowing his Alphabet :)

Mark Bintuu said...

This is one of the most incredible blogs Ive read in a very long time.

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