Friday, August 1, 2014

Michaels #create2educate Sweepstakes!

You all, I had sooooo much fun designing school stuff and participating in Michael's #create2educate Sweepstakes!  Check out these super simple projects!

Project #1:  Student Lap Desk

First up, grab yourselves a few basic supplies from your local Michaels craft store.  

Acrylic Paint  /  Foam Brush  /  Lap Desk  /  Stickers

The stickers I chose are adorable!  Tons of cute sayings!

Do a little painting...

Add stickers...

And, voila!  You now have a super cute student lap desk.  My initial thought behind this desk was that it would be a perfect reward for students to earn!  What kiddo wouldn't work towards getting to work ANYWHERE in the classroom on this darling little desk?!  My kiddo, for one, couldn't wait to test it out!  Mobile learning at it's finest!

Project #2:  Easy-Peasy Clothespin Clips

My desk can be a *little* bit on the cluttered side if I'm not careful to stay on top of organization.  So, when I saw these simple chalkboard clothespins at Michaels, I knew exactly what to do with them.

Here's what you need:

Chalkboard Clothespins  /  Sharpie Acrylic Marker

It's really like a two-for-one deal here because you can use the clips double-sided for even more labels!   Here's what I wrote on mine...

Project #3: Teacher Inspiration Notebook

I love the blank pages of a new journal.  That, in itself, is inspirational to me, as it means those blank pages are just waiting to be filled!  

What You'll Need from Michaels:

Notebook /   Washi tape

Start by taping the Washi tape to the inside cover of the notebook...

Wrap it all the way around so that it lays across both the front and back cover.  Press it down and tape inside the opposite cover.  

You could use any combo of Washi tape that you want, but I preferred the simple look and kept the same pattern.

On the inside, use the Washi tape to fancify your pages...

Simple.  Fun.  Affordable.  

Want to enter Michael's #create2educate sweepstakes?!  Check out the graphic below for directions and rules!

B2S BASH Giveaway: Accessorize Me!

If you're anything like me, you love accessories.  And, I'm not just talking jewelry, friends.  Though, I do love some cheap Walmart gold here and there.  #truth  I love to accessorize everything.  My phone.  My desk.  My wardrobe.  Bookshelves.  You know, pretty much whatever.  Which is why I am thrilled beyond thrilled to be hosting the Accessorize Me Bash Basket for our 2nd Annual Back 2 School Bash Mega Giveaway!

5 Winners will receive a $30 Gift Card to design a custom cell phone case from Put a Case on Me!  Too cute!


1 of those 5 Winners will also receive swag from the cutest online boutique, Olivia Lane, that includes this *super cute* Teach tee.  
I die.  Loooooooooooove.  Also, a teacher Tervis Tumbler and a desk quote!  

The winner of the Olivia Lane swag and Put a Case on Me gift card will *also* get a $25 gift card to Creative Teaching Press!

Want a chance to win?  Enter the giveaways by completing the Rafflecopters below!
Aaaaaaaand, last but not least...

Don't stop now!  Click the button below to see one of SEVENTEEN more baskets you could win!  

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Quick and Easy Centers for First Grade ELA (Reading Foundational)

From the description of my latest bundle...

I LOVE literacy centers! I also like simple, kid-friendly, and effective resources! Because of that, I developed a series of games that not only address the standards in a simple, easy, and kid-friendly way, but are also ink saving and require minimal preparation on your part! All straight-line cuts! Ha!

My own kiddo LOVES to play card games, particularly Go Fish and Memory. These games are easy to learn and have just enough competition to make them fun! Thus, each Center in a Minute has two playing options (Go Fish and Memory), incorporates a Phonological Awareness/Phonics skill and includes 10 follow-up Exit Slips to ensure that students are grasping the skill. See? Easy AND effective!

These centers can be used in a variety of settings and can be played independently among students OR with teacher-direction. Including them in literacy centers or RTI would be perfect! 

Be sure to check out the downloadable PREVIEW to see the standard covered, directions for play, and enlarged samples of cards and exit slips included (on the front cover). 

If you like this resource, you can purchase a BUNDLE that includes ALL Center in a Minute {First Grade} or purchase them individually. Follow the links below:

Center in a Minute (1st Grade): BUNDLE
Center in a Minute (1st Grade): Beginning Digraphs
Center in a Minute (1st Grade): Ending Digraphs
Center in a Minute (1st Grade): Listening for Digraphs
Center in a Minute (1st Grade): Consonant Blends (sounds)
Center in a Minute {1st Grade}: Reading Consonant Blends
Center in a Minute (1st Grade): Long Vowels
Center in a Minute (1st Grade): Inflectional Endings

You can also purchase Center in Minute games for Kindergarten to help differentiate among your students OR to use as a review at the beginning of first grade:

Center in a Minute {Kindergarten} BUNDLE
Center in a Minute: A CVC Word Card Game
Center in a Minute: An Initial Sound Card Game
Center in a Minute: A Medial Sound Card Game
Center in a Minute: A Final Sound Card Game
Center in a Minute: A Rhyming Word Card Game
Center in a Minute: An Onset & Rime Card Game
Center in a Minute: A Syllabication Card Game

It's Back to School Bash 2014 Time!!!!!!

It's the week I've been waiting for…and keeping a big secret…until NOW! It's time for the 2014 Back to School Bash, and I couldn't be more excited about hosting it with some of my favorite teachers bloggers friends! Be sure and follow all of these girls to stay up-to-date on what you can win over the next few days! It all begins TOMORROW and it's completely out of control! So brace yourself!

      </ a>      

Along with the 18 Bash Baskets that you will see in a minute, there will also be a GRAND PRIZE, but that won't be announced until…

Are you ready for some amazing giveaways and prizes? You will want to stop by all of the blogs above for you chance to win all 18 Bash Baskets. I know, I know…you are so excited! Like jump out of your chair excited! But…it doesn't start until tomorrow.So sit back, relax, and enjoy some of our awesome sponsors! 

Let's Talk Teacher {All About that PD!}
1. SDE: A two- day conference or seminar. 
2. The Ron Clark Academy: School visitation and signed copy of Crash Course by Kim Bearden

Classroom Essentials
1. Classroom Carpet from Kids' Carpet
2. The Quietest Pencil Sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies
3. Jumbo Classroom Timer from Lakeshore Learning Materials

What's in your teacher bag? 
1. Laptop Sleeve and Teacher Bag from Lilia Vanini 
2. Custom Phone Case from Cuptakes
3. Younique Fiber Mascara (because every teacher needs fabulous lashes) :)  

Classroom Must Haves
1. Personalized Pencil Decor from Yellow Bee Boutique
2. Chalk Talk Classroom Decor from Mardel
3: Teepee perfect for a classroom reading center from Ashley Gabby Designs

Classy up the Classroom
1. Pencil Decor from Young Love aDOORable Decor
2. Bebop Birdie Classroom Decor from Mardel
3. $40.00 TPT Gift Card

Classroom Swag Bag
1. $100 dollars worth of swag from Educational Insights
2. $100 Gift Card from Carson Dellosa

Decorate My Space
1. Dear Class Painted Canvas from JG Creations by Jenna</ a>
2. $100 Gift Card from Schoolgirl Style 

Accessorize Me!
5 Winners: 
$30 Gift card to design your custom case from Put a Case on Me! 
1 Winner: 

For the Love of Blogging
1. $125.00 Custom Blog Design from PJ's Design Laboratory 

All Things Monogrammed
1. Denim shirt and boot socks from Shop Memento
2. Monogrammed clutch from Social Manor
3. Monogrammed bracelet & necklace from Antebellum Baubles

It's the Planner in Me! 

If the Shoe Fits!
1. $100 Gift Card to Jo Totes</ div>
2. $50.00 Gift Card from Tieks</ div>

Feed Your Marker Addiction!
1. A years supply of Scentos makers

Organize Me and More...
1. C. Jayne Teach Teacher Anchor
2. Decor Pack and $25 Gift Card from Teach Created Resources
3. Caddy from Land of Nod</ a>

Techno Savvy
1. HUE HD Camera and Animation Software from Hue Animation
2. $25.00 to MPIX (Print your instagram pictures)

Rock On with these Resources
1. 3  CD's from Kids Count 123
2. Jack Hartman's Science Songs All Day Long
2. Swag Bag from GoNoodle including a GoNoodle Plus Membership
4. ALLSTAR Ellison Machine from Ellison Education

Classy Up Your Resources
1. All Fonts Commercial License form KG Fonts
2. Lifetime License of Clip Art from Sarah Cooley
3. $35 Gift Card from Graphics from the Pond
4. $35 Gift Card from Melonheadz Illustrating 

The Teacher's Kid
1. Monogrammed Lunch Bag from Tin Tree Gifts
2. $50 Gift Card from Married in May
3. Back to School Dress from Round the Bend Again

As if all of that isn't enough…each basket will also include…

It all begins tomorrow! Don't forget to look for this little button on each blog that will take you directly to the next prize package! Hopefully this will save you lots of time during the B2S rush!  

See you all back tomorrow for some giveaway fun!