Sunday, June 21, 2015

Capture Summer Memories GIVEAWAY!

One of my favorite accessories is my DSLR camera.  I shoot using a 50mm 1.4 lens (it helps make that fancy bokeh (i.e. blurry background) look.  And, while I am no where near a professional, that camera can certainly make me look like it at times!  

Here's a few recent images I took with it - straight out of the camera, not even edited!

While I love my iPhone for quick pics on the go, nothing beats the image quality and clarity using a DSLR.  It renders images *perfect* for large scale prints and canvases, too! (The better to blanket the walls of my home with!)

So, with that said, I am absolutely THRILLED to be teaming up with some *amazing* teacher-bloggers for an incredible summer GIVEAWAY!

Starting with - gasp - a Canon DSLR T5! I know, right?!

Not only could you win this amazing camera, but a 50mm 1.4 Lens, too!
In my best Bob Barker voice...That's not all, folks!  You could also win a Jo Totes Camera Bag to carry around your new BFF.  That mint color is just gorgeous!

Do you want a chance to win?!  Then, just play along with us sometime between now and June 28th by completing the Rafflecopter below!  Good luck!!!!

Happy Sunday!

Monday, June 15, 2015

A Modern Teacher Person Planner!

Like many of you, planning and organizing my life on paper is somewhat of a priority.  Which is why I was thrilled with the chance to receive and review another amazing tool to accomplish just that.  

April - you may know her as A Modern Teacher - sent me a copy of her Black and White Polka Dot Modern Teacher Personal Planner.  Though I'm not in the classroom this coming school year, it's easy to see its value as a teacher and a mom.  

This hard-bound, spiral planner is the perfect place to organize your life inside and outside the classroom.  There's plenty of space to jot down your to-dos, notes, and organize your school week.  Plus, it's too cute (always a bonus!).  

Here's some of it's features...
• 12 Monthly Calendars August 2015-July 2016 (weeks start on Sunday) 
• 2 page spread calendars 
• Weekly Calendars August 2015-July 2016 
• Colorful laminated tabbed dividers 
• Overview of teacher essentials like:
Curriculum overview for the 2015-2016 year for 6 subjects/areas 
Admin Info 
Substitute Info 
Student Birthdays 
Parent Contact Info 
Class Schedule 
a section providing places to write down meeting notes, projects, ideas

* black and white inside pages printed on heavy white 
* paper inside pages measure 8x9 1/2, 
with coil binding: 9x9 1/2 
* about 1" thickness 
*bound by copper colored coil binding 
*high-gloss sturdy front and back covers

Not surprisingly, all of her planners are sold out through mid-July!  So be sure to sign up for her newsletter to stay in the know about when you can order your own!  

Or, you could always play along with the GiVeAwAy below to *WIN* a copy for yourself! 

Here's some more planner eye-candy to hold you over...

Happy Monday!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


These are the days, you all.

Trying and eye-crossing crazy, but absolutely precious and perfect, too.

Here are my #momtruths as of late...

I will absolutely allow the removal, sorting, and crawling around with my stash of out-of-commission feminine products if it means I can do my makeup and hair in peace.  #momtruth #pregnant #whateverworks

Sure, go ahead and empty the recycling bin for creativity's sake.  #momtruth #imaginationfordays #creativitywithoutlimits #itsarobot

When your boys are hanging together being all cute, you must take a picture.  #momtruth #ilovethem

Clutter, disorganization, inappropriately placed furniture and boxes of Pedialyte are a run-of-the-mill around these parts.  #momtruth #PedialyteisEXPENSIVE

There will be crying.  #momtruth #imisswine

Cute, sleeping babies sometimes require a photo op.  #momtruth #sweetbeyondbelief

You will give in to your son's room decor choice on occasion.  #momtruth #TMNT 

If I want uninterrupted time alone, I have to rise no later than 5am.  #momtruth #mustfixshelves #everyoneissleeping 

The couch in the above pic looks so cozy, I think I'm going to have to revisit for nap momentarily.

Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Cozy Minimalist: Week 1

Did you ever take an independent study class in college?  I did.  It was on gender studies for my psychology degree and I was given a whole year to complete it.  I was planning to spend almost a month as a nanny in Memphis one summer and figured that would be the perfect time to wrap it up.  Except I didn't.  Literally, I used up the entire year to complete that dang course.  #senioritis


I recently came across a brilliant independent study course, The Cozy Minimalist, that is a lot more fun.  With no "required readings."  And, guess who teaches it?  THE NESTER.  I know.  What could be more fun?!

If you're not familiar, The Nester is actually Myquillin, known for her window mistreatments, her It Doesn't Have to be Perfect to be Beautiful decorating mantra, and generally being amazing at styling her home using ideas and resources that are great for any budget.  She writes a blog you've probably heard, The Nesting Place.  

 The Cozy Minimalist, is made up of four online courses, narrated by Myquillin and her decorating friends.  She encourages you to choose one room as your focus throughout the course, and to use what you already have in your home to make the space what you've always wanted it to be.    The first session was packed full of useful information about where to begin and what to do when you first start redecorating a room.  She also leaves you with a weekly challenge.  

Week One's challenge was to Quiet the Room by removing clutter, minimizing furniture, and leaving only basics in the room.  

I am focusing on The Artist Formerly Known as the Office, Turned In-Home Medical Procedures and Supply Room, Turned Home School Room.  And, now I want it to be an office again. Because why not? {Actually, I need a space to do and store officey things. I think.}
Here's a little video tour of the room in it's before state and, most recently, as the homeschool room:

{PS.  There is nothing that ever prepares you to hear yourself speak when recorded.}

And, now, as the 'Quieted Space.'
I ended up taking everything out besides the IKEA shelf on the wall and the white board.  The white board is staying, and I really didn't want to take down the shelf considering it may stay, too.  Neither, in my opinion, really affected my ability to see the room in a more natural way.  Also, because the function of this room is changing, I removed all the furniture.  The sofa will likely not be making a return to this space, though the IKEA Expedit shelving unit probably will.  

While this space is nice and quiet, I can't so the same for the living room next door.  He's looking awfully noisy all of the sudden.

If you have any interest in completing this course, follow the link below!

code: abbymullins

And, if you enter my name at checkout, you'll save $10 and I'll earn $10!  #winning

Be sure to check back to see how the room evolves!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Oh, that blog title can mean a number of different things right now.

But, I am mainly referring to my legs.  At night.  When I sit on the couch with my pint of ice cream watching Chopped or Cupcake Wars or any other show pertaining to food.  (Seriously, food is on my mind ALL.DAY.LONG.)  

Apparently, restless legs are a common pregnancy woe, and they are - quite literally - running me ragged every night.  I will be on the couch and it's like my legs want to do exactly what I don't want to be doing at 10:30pm.  

Running a marathon.  Jumping jacks.  High knees.  Kickboxing.  

I'm not even kidding, I just spastically thumped the floor with my right foot, and I set off one of Faith's toys in a basket in the cabinet across the room!  OMIWORD.

Then, when I finally make it to bed, my legs decide to settle and it's my arms that are causing all kinds of trouble.  Because, by nature, I am a tummy sleeper and I tuck my hands under my body, so I don't usually even think about where to position my arms when I sleep. 


I can't so much do that anymore because hello, 25 week baby belly. 

There is a lot of flailing going on.

I guess that is all.  Just thought you should know.

Happy Wednesday.

vvv I can relate. vvv